What They're saying

Hello Dusty,

I have to tell you, I don't remember when I had so much fun learning something new. You are an outstanding instructor and I really enjoyed our time together.

I will study the information that you provided for me and practice until I can perform without thinking about it, then it is fish on!

Thanks again for your patience and professionalism. See you at the next fly fishing meeting in Punta Gorda.

Jerry Mason

Hi Dusty -

I've been able to spend a couple of hours practicing since I left you.

I'm pleased with the progress I'm seeing. I have greater (and more consistent) loop control and am making good progress on a longer stroke and drifting my hand on the back cast. Still occasionally over-power the rod with my casting hand when double hauling - but even seeing progress there. Best of all, I now know what to do to correct the problems I create!

Hope the comments below are what you're looking for. Feel free to edit away. (Just so you know, I played tournament golf and shot sporting clays competitively. I had multiple coaches in both disciplines. I haven't had anyone do a better job than the one you did)


Over the years, I've spent lots of money on fly-fishing equipment and trips. Without a doubt, the money best spent was taking a casting lesson from Dusty. He has a tremendous ability to identify casting faults, communicate the principles and techniques necessary for proper casting and to then actually demonstrate the concept or technique.

Dusty makes sure you understand and can then execute what he has explained, and you will leave knowing what you need to do to improve – and more importantly, how to do it.

I wish I had taken a lesson from Dusty years ago.

Tom Spence